Creative or chatty: are digital storytellers the pacemakers of society or just digital windbags?

Opening Lecture of the brand new postgraduate course digital storytelling at KASK School of Arts

The stories of the future are digital and being told online by a new generation of digital artists, musicians, opinion leaders and designers. Looking for an online connection with people, their ideas and opinions: that’s what these digital storytellers or influencers are all about. They tell their stories in blogs, vlogs, podcasts, snaps and instastories and can reach millions of people on social media. They are the icons of the new era.

Or maybe not? Are they using their online celebrity to tell the stories of brands that pay them to do so? Are their stories reinforcing society or are they mainly about their own ego’s? Is influencer marketing the future of collaboration between art and commerce or just nonsense?

At the start of the brand new postgraduate course digital storytelling by KASK School of Arts and REC. we line up different visions, examples and opinions.
Wim De Temmerman (KASK School of Arts) will explain why there is a place for a course in digital storytelling at the School of Arts in Ghent.
David Slosse (City of Gent) is building a network of storytellers in Ghent and will explain how (digital) stories can lead to citizen participation.
Tim Thomaes (The Kube) is putting togheter and ecosystem of digital influencers who work with businesses to give both parties a better position on the market.
• Johannes De Bruycker (The Caravan’s Journal) is creating a worldwide network of digital storytellers with the goal to create empathy and mutual understanding.

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Where: Cirque anatomisch auditorium, Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent
Datum: September 26th 2016
Doors: 19h00