Have you always wanted to work for companies like Chase, Sony Music, MNM, Medialaan, The Fat Lady, De Standaard, Het Peloton, or June? Now is your chance! 

Digital content creators are in high demand at companies like these. Since they are hard to find, Chase Academy and Artevelde University College developed a postgraduate in Ghent, Belgium to create new digital masterminds. In this 11-week postgraduate, you’ll learn what it takes to be a digital creative. Guest lecturers and Chase creatives teach you the ins and outs of social video, chatbots, AR face filters, Facebook advertising and so much more! After these 11 weeks, you are ready for your internship in a company like Warner Music, Tomorrowland, Ketnet, Hotel Hungaria, and countless other awesome companies or brands.

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Are you already active on social media, but are you a bit insecure about your content? Do you want to be noticed in the overload of online stories? Do you want to get more views and comments? Join us and improve your social storytelling skills in only 6 months.

This postgraduate will broaden your vision and encourage you to develop expertise in the digital content creation sub-field with which you have the most affinity. We guide you on your path to eventually develop into an accomplished digital expert with a lot of practical experience.

After the lectures, workshops, and the internship, you are up to speed to join the digital media sector. Either in your own media production company, as a content specialist for a larger organization, or as a creator of your own artistic stories for an online audience.

A must for young graduates, communicators, and journalists who want to learn more about digital content creation.

  • The postgraduate is open for everyone who already has a bachelor's or master’s degree.
  • During the 11 practice-oriented weeks of lectures, you’ll learn from experts in storytelling, digital content creation, and community management who will show you the tricks of their trade. You'll have information sessions and workshops on Monday and Tuesday during the day.
  • This program will give you the opportunity to gain practical experience through exercises supervised by a professional during the lesson period. After the lectures, the program continues within a professional context through an internship of 6 weeks to expand your experience. If you are currently working fulltime/parttime or studying something else, you’ll be able to extend your days over a longer period.
  • We use a blended learning method in which space and content are adapted to each other. Info sessions and lectures will be hosted online, workshops, brainstorm sessions, and discussions will take place in small groups.
  • This postgraduate consists of 27 CEST credits and costs €2.500. Check out at Artevelde University if you can apply for KMO-contract reduction, Vlaams Opleidingsverlof, etc.



The postgraduate consists of 5 connected training modules: Digital Storytelling, Online Publication, Digital Content Creation, Digital Creative, and your internship in a media company, digital agency, or organization of choice.

  • First of all, you'll get a strong and well-founded foundation as a storyteller. How do you build a quality story, how do you engage your audience and on which platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, can you reach and interact with them?
  • You’ll get a taste of the different ways to create content for your brand or media company: online video, vlogging, blogging, photography, visuals, Instagram-stories, TikTok creation, etc.
  • We’ll show you how you can get one step ahead of the basics in Adobe software applications.
  • A good digital storyteller knows that not only creation but also distribution is important. So you’ll then be initiated in social advertising and influencer marketing.
  • You’ll get a look at the latest evolutions in social media and we'll show you what the future of technological development will look like.
  • You'll surely be rolling up your sleeves during the first 4 training modules because we believe you learn the most by doing. However, the last module will increase your learning curve in a spectacular way as the internship will get you launched in the digital creative industry.  


The postgraduate Digital Content Creation is organized 2 times a year. For 2020-2021 you can start on the 28 of September 2020 with 11 weeks of classes and workshops on Monday and Tuesday and end your internship mid-March. The second option is to start on the 25th of January 2021 and finish at the end of June.

As a digital creative in the making, you will be challenged by assignments and online tutorials. So besides classes on Monday and Tuesday during daytime, you’ll need to spare one more day a week during classes. On the other hand, there are no finals or heavy textbooks to worry about. When you complete your internship and all creation assignments sufficiently, you are the proud owner of a postgraduate certificate and a new member of the Chase Academy alumni. 



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Do you have any burning questions? Contact Bart Haegens, who is the coördinator of this program. Give him a call on 32 (0)474/46.21.35 or send an email to any time. You can also visit the online info day on June 27, 2020.



Niel Van Herck (Tjoolaard, BE)
Sam Feys (De Morgen, BE)
Lien De Leenheer (Frankly Speaking, BE)
Dirk Vanhegen (Medianet Vlaanderen, BE)
Magali De Reu & Britt De Valck (Copymag, freelance, BE)
Filip Fastenaekels (VRT, BE)
Floris Lefever (Hotel Hungaria, BE)
Tim Vanhaecke (Chase, BE)
Anneleen Ophoff (VRT/Vranckx, BE)
Mike De Ridder (Mike Pro, BE)
Sacha Claes (Chase, BE)
Karin Van Hees (BlueTales, BE)
Maarten Lambrechts (Freelance, BE)
Rutger Verhoeven (Cleverlions, NL)
Klasien van de Zandschulp (Lava Lab, NL)
Mirke Kist (Audiocollectief Schik, NL)
Wim Forceville (Freelance, BE)
Laure Cops & Wouter Vanmol (NuNam, BE)

IBAN-code: BE64 3630 1590 9252

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