Have you ever heard of a social media manager? For outsiders, it may look like you can earn money by browsing Facebook, discovering new music and making content about new television shows. But, it’s so much more than this! Celien is currently working as a social media manager for Chase Creative, the social storytelling agency originated from Chase. She mostly makes content for FOX and XITE Belgium. Completing the Digital Content & Journalism Postgraduate, she earned the title of Chase Academy Graduate!  

Interview and pictures by Mattiece David

How did you became part of the Chase Creative team?

Exactly one year ago, I finished the postgraduate Digital Content & Journalism at Artevelde University College and had to choose an internship. At the end of my internship at Chase Creative, they asked me to replace the current social media manager of XITE, who just got a new job. It would have been crazy not to accept that offer since I had absolutely no plans for the future. Fun fact: only a couple of weeks later, I was already training another intern. That was a bit crazy, but very nice. It proves that you get a lot of responsibility at Chase.

As a social media manager, my days are very varied. The only thing that I’m sure of is my time of arrival: 10AM. I manage the different social media channels of XITE and FOX such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I also handle content from overseas, follow their community management, attend brainstorms,... I never know exactly what my days will look like.

You spend a lot of your time on social media. Does that mean that you avoid social media in your spare time?

Yes, at least sometimes. I’m more aware of what I post on my personal profile since I only post meaningful things for FOX and XITE. On vacation, I don’t check out the feed anymore, because I associate it with work. I’m still active on Instagram and I secretly like to brag about some things I do, but my last post dates from summertime. I still enjoy my own social media channels, but I always think twice about the content before I post something.

Celien at the office

Did you expect your life to be like this, let’s say, one year ago?

Absolutely not, I could only dream about this! Working at Chase is awesome, you have a lot of freedom and you can choose what content you want to make. I learned a lot, not only in the postgraduate, but also by watching tutorials on YouTube. I already liked watching television shows before I started working for FOX, but obviously I didn't know all of the shows they broadcast. When I worked a day from home, FOX was playing in the background of my living room. There also has been a shift in my interests. I used to watch makeup tutorials or lifestyle vlogs, and now I watch videos based on technical stuff.

What is your advice for someone who’s interested in Digital Storytelling and wants to become a social media manager?

Take into account that it’s not only posting on Facebook or watching television shows. You need to make plannings, find content and process it. I already knew the basics of social media and I used the opportunities Chase gave me as good as possible. The postgraduate of Artevelde helped me a lot, but being a social media manager is a learning-by-doing process. Last year, I grew guts and became more mature.

When I started working at Chase Creative, FOX decided to stop broadcasting ‘Mooi en Meedogenloos’ and ‘De Dingens des Levens’. I received dozens of messages a day from people who used to watch these shows. It’s kinda funny in the beginning, but I started to take it personally after a couple of days. Today, I know how to reply to similar comments and messages and I learned how to deal with unsatisfied followers.

Social media manager Celien

What are your prospects for 2019?

Tough question… I want to become a better copywriter and I want to improve my technical skills. It’s hard to write a copy that isn’t linked with your own manner. I sometimes use my own feeling or personality too much. I have to write from the perspective of FOX and XITE, which is more bold than my own.

It’s difficult to speculate about the trends of 2019. Personally, I think Instagram stories will completely take the lead. And I’m not sure, but I even think Snapchat will undergo a makeover and surprise us.

Celien completed our Digital Content and Journalism Postgraduate at Artevelde University College. Are you inspired by her story and would also love to graduate from the Chase Academy? Then click below to start your own story at the Chase Academy!

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