You are a fan of online storytelling who is down for a new exciting adventure? Ever heard of a postgraduate in digital storytelling?

Since 2016, Chase Academy organizes two English-taught postgraduate programs for tomorrow's online media creators. Our postgraduate Digital Storytelling at KASK School of Arts Ghent is aimed especially at creatives who like to experiment with online storytelling to find their personal online voice. Here are four reasons why you follow this postgraduate:

#1 Creativity Boost


A weekly creativity boost? Check! Drag inspiration from guest lectures by some of the best storytellers in the world, and let your personal creativity run wild with your own final project, the digital story you've always wanted to tell. (definitely check out the projects of last year’s students)

Let your creativity run wild with your personal digital project

#2 Digital storytelling skills

During the postgraduate, you 'll learn how to make better stories, using digital skills you'll learn from experts like Christina Cerquiera from AJ. You'll also experiment with new technologies and learn how to make a social video, a vlog, a podcast and much more.

You will learn everything about new technologies

#3 Get to know people from all around the world

You will already develop your storytelling and digital skills, so why not improve your cultural and people skills while you're at it? You will meet people from all sorts of backgrounds: marketers, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, game developers, videographers, copywriters, and so on. They all have a large interest in storytelling, just like you.

#4 Study in Ghent

KASK School of Arts is situated in Ghent, one of the biggest student cities in Belgium. Campuses are spread across the city and there are many activities organized by and for students. Apart from being a big student city, Ghent is also known for its historical buildings, its canals, and its typical beer 'Gentse Strop'.

Where you will study: KASK School of Arts Ghent

Do a postgraduate in digital storytelling sound like an exciting adventure for you? Find out more about the postgraduate Digital Storytelling on our website and on our FAQ list.

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Posted by on 30/05/2018

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