Features of Instagram Story offer a great opportunity for anyone to tell their own stories to the public in a simple way. However, while most people merely report on their day, their food and the number of cocktails they had with friends, there are also real storytellers on the platform who actually use an Instagram Story in a creative and clever way.

1. Ella Frances Sanders, @ellafsanders

Ella regularly posts self-made minimalistic drawings and quotes that make her followers think about life and its various aspects. She accompanies every post with her own reflections on life, including themes such as relationships, the universe, and baudelarian views on volatile meetings. Her stories build upon the same tone, and consist of pictures that combine landscapes (be it urban or rural) with quotes about life and -past- relationships. Ellafsanders' stories are beautiful and melancholic, and great to sink into on a blue Monday.

2. New York Times, @nytimes

nytimes' story: images of Easter Island, problems with rising sea level

If you like factual stories, this is the Instagram account you were looking for. The New York Times often posts journalistic stories and thereby offers a welcome change to the usual "this was my day"-stories. For example, their story about Easter Island. It mixes beautiful and professionally made photos, with interesting facts about the island. Moreover, they put emphasis on the problems the island faces as well, such as the rising water level that threatens one of the statues. This way, people are informed, while still being entertained by the amazing photographs.

3. Pablo Rochat, @pablo.rochat

pablorochat, kid falling on his face

Pablo makes humouristic art, based on all things internet culture. Most of his works are centered around prominent icons in our internet age, such as emojis and the iPhone message notification. His stories serve comedic purposes as well, and he often creates small "tap games" to amuse his followers. In the above game, for example, the viewer has to make a boy fall flat on his face, to the shock of Kramer. Hilarity ensured!

4. Spotify, @spotify

spotify, David Bowie commemoration

Streaming platform Spotify uses a variety of Instagram story features to tell fantastic stories about artists. Above example, show their beautiful David Bowie remembrance story. Here, they explore a David Bowie exposition that takes place in a metro station. In the past, they have made stories about THE WEEKND, Cardi B, and Avicii as well, so they have explored many different artists and styles so far. Spotify posts great photos as well, so definitely check them out on Instagram if you like creative artist portraits!

5. Gary Baseman, @garybaseman


Blackie is VICIOUS! Warning: Violent Content! I was explaining to Blackie how he inspired me for my Italian Exhibition, VICIOUS, and he demonstrated his talents! #ouch #onetwopunch #blackiethecat #blackie #meow #vicious #ahwroo #garybaseman #baseman Blackie kicked my ass again.

Een bericht gedeeld door Gary Baseman (@garybaseman) op 5 Apr 2018 om 12:19 (PDT)

We would not be able to write an article on Instagram if we weren't to mention cats at least once. Besides cool cartoons, Gary Baseman also creates stories starring his cat, Blackie, and himself. One of the best examples of his creativity is the story about the Red Elephants and the Black Cats, two groups which have been struggling for over 8 millennia. As Gary tells his story, Blackie "responds" to him, as if he understands what Gary is saying. We already know who the Oscar goes to!

6. SuperDeluxe, @superdeluxe

superdeluxe, horoscope: gemini. some batts doing gymnastics

SuperDeluxe is most famous for its Facebook Live videos. However, they spread their creative humor through Instagram as well! Most Instagram meme accounts are scraping the bottom of the meme barrel. However, SuperDeluxe regularly posts memes that are actually quite funny! Their stories are great as well, such as the example shown above. They made a horoscope, filled with their weird and sometimes absurd humor. Gemini, be warned!

7. Loïc Lagarde, @loic.lagarde

Lo?c's story about Japan. During winter time, many pictures of snowy landscapes.

Loïc is a fantastic photographer and travel blogger. His photographs are filled with joyful colors and make us dream of a beautiful spring/ summer morning. Also, definitely check out his most recent pictures of Greece, which perfectly blend white and blue colors! His stories then, are extensive travel reports, that showcase his photography skills. They might be quite extensive, but the sheer quality of his photographs kept us hooked!

8. Jessica Walsh, @jessicavwalsh

Jessica Walsh's is a graphic designer, whose creations combine great graphic design with somewhat nihilistic humour. What catches the eye, is that Jessica also uses many vibrant colours, just like Loïc Lagarde. However, other than Loïc, the content contrast drastically with the colours. A personal favourite of ours is the story - which is shown above - in which Jessica exhibits some of her self-made items. This account is for the appreciators of self deprecating and slightly dark humour.

Take a closer look at these Instagram accounts if you're interested, and spread the word if you like them! After all, Instagram needs more real and creative stories, and these accounts definitely make a great example of what Instagram story could look like in the future.

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Posted by on 11/05/2018

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