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Digital Storytelling Postgraduate

Learn the power of storytelling from the best digital creators. Craft your own story in vlogs, podcasts, social video and online photography. Try out storytelling for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, chatbots and AI. And discover your own path in the digital creator economy.



At Chase Academy, we offer a one-year postgraduate course together with KASK School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. Top creators like Musketon or brands like YouTube, Vice and Al Jazeera share their art and craft with you in weekly online and offline classes. In workshops, professional digital content creators will help you create better online stories. You’ll meet 29 other students that share the same passion. And you’ll work on your own digital projects or do an internship for the best digital companies around.

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1 year (September - June)

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€3.450 Registration fee

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KASK School of Arts, Ghent



Learn more about the course before you commit!
Program coordinator Pieter. Image credits Joe Khoury.

You can apply through the button below or schedule a call with our program manager Pieter first if you have further questions.

After your application, you'll receive an automated form where you can upload your CV and motivation. You will then be invited for an intake call. If the intake talk goes well, you can upload the necessary documents and start your journey!

The program takes up a single academic year and consists of 39 ECTS credits, meaning you'll have about 20 hours of work per week. Enough time to continue your job and personal projects!

What's on the menu?
- Weekly (online) inspiring talks from international digital creators.
- Hands-on (on campus) classes where you dive into platforms, techniques with professionals.
- On campus workshops where you experiment and create together with mentors.
- 5 assignments where you do creative projects for Instagram, YouTube, Anchor and WordPress.
- A 13-week internship OR a personal final project.

Classes take place Monday and Wednesday from 6:45 PM until 9:45PM.
Workshops are on Thursday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Graduating students

You've achieved or are on the way to achieving a degree in a creative field.
You want to gain more practical experience as a digital creator for social media platforms.
You want to dive deeper into storytelling, discover the ins and outs of different social platforms, and experiment with emergent storytelling formats in AR, VR, chatbots, AI.

Creative Professionals

You're currently working in an artistic or creative industry.
You have a personal project, but you're in need of more digital media knowledge.
You want to become a better digital creator or storyteller.

We've welcomed speakers from various (inter)nationally renowned organizations. Our pool of lecturers is updated every year with new digital creators and experts from emerging platforms.

Lance Weiler (Columbia School of Arts Digital Storytelling Lab, USA)
Domien Huyghe (Independent film producer, BE)
Brecht Vaes (digital Studio Brussel, BE)
Klasien van de Zandschulp (UX Artist, NL)
Mark Meeuwenoord (Polymorf, NL)
Dries Depoorter (independent internet artist, BE)
Nienke Huitenga & Lisa Weeda (transmedial artists, NL)
Yann Bertrand (photographer, BE)
Anneleen Ophoff (VRT, BE)
Wim Forceville (VR-expert, Fisheye, BE),
Sven De Coninck & Jan D’hont (Chase Creative, BE)
Niels ‘t Hooft (hybrid writer, NL)
Laure Cops & Wouter Vanmol (Nunam interactive narratives, BE)
Filip Fastenaekels (VRT, BE)
Raphael Rodan (Mezrab Storytelling School, NL)
Barbara Dzikanowice (Happiness Content Agency, BE)
Tim Vanhaecke & Sacha Claes (Chase, BE)
Georgio Copter (Snapchat & Instagram creator, USA)
Nick Hannes (Magnum Photography Award Winner, BE)
Katharina Smets (independent audio storyteller, BE)
Maggie Beidelmann (senior producer en video journalist AJ , USA)
Vincent Schroeven (Hurae, BE)
Eveline Lemahieu (Vidsome, BE)
Sandra Gaudenzi (!F Lab, Universiteit van Westminster, i-Docs, UK)
Bert Dries (aka Musketon) (graphic designer, Musketon, BE)

Didn't find the answer to your questions? Schedule a call with our program manager Pieter!


"It was so easy to combine work and school, as well as my own personal projects. In 2020, I became a musician and wow, this network really helped me. Chase has always been supportive of me."

April Maey
Alumnus & Musician

I really enjoyed my time studying the postgraduate. You're able to meet so many new and inspiring people who are really engaged and motivated about telling stories.

Alumnus & Immersive Storyteller

"I wanted to improve my digital skills so that I would feel more confident before starting work. During my internship at the Sportpaleis Group, they discovered that I am multi-functional in terms of video, audio, text, photography, and so on. That's why they eventually offered me a job."


"Chase gave me the opportunity to come into very close contact with other creators for the first time and exchange ideas during exciting workshops. I was able to make contacts and gain experience, which was the perfect stepping stone for my current career."

Jonathan Vanooteghem

Alumnus & Social Media Officer Belgian Red Devils / Red Flames

Choosing the postgraduate really felt like an investment in my future. On top of all the interesting lectures of digital creatives in the field, I got to learn so much from working with all the other students with super varied academic backgrounds and talents.

Lara Decrae

Alumnus, now at Ancienne Belgique

As a film student, the Digital Storytelling post-graduation showed me why there are sometimes other, and even better ways to tell your story than film.  I learned storytelling techniques I had never heard of, but also techniques I had long forgotten. It's best to have them all in your backpack and then pick the best one for the story you want to tell.

Toon Jacobs

Alumnus, Videographer @ StuBru



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